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About Property Syndication

Property Syndication is a direct property investment that allows smaller investors the opportunity to invest in commercial and industrial property. The day to day management and maintenance of the property is managed on behalf of the investors by Augusta Funds Management.

The number of investors is generally determined by the equity required to purchase the property, divided by the price of each unit being offered. Unit prices are typically $50,000 and investors are welcome to purchase more than one unit in the property. Each unit of the property holds its own title.

Upon completion of the purchase Augusta will be responsible for the management, accounting and administrative tasks relating to the property, as well as distribution of the income to investors as set out in the Deed of Participation.

Distributions are paid to investors on a monthly basis, and investors are kept up to date on their investment with quarterly reports, Investor newsletters, and Annual meetings.

Should an investor wish to exit the syndication, Augusta Funds Management can help with selling your unit in our secondary market.

Take a look at our Glossary of Property Terms.