Our Organisation

Augusta Overview

Listed on the NZX, Augusta (AUG) actively manages more than $1.8 billion of assets – involving office, retail and industrial properties throughout New Zealand and Australia. Founded by Mark Francis in 2001 – Augusta’s evolution reflects a proven skill and experience in identifying value and moving decisively to turn-around under-performing assets. Augusta's two foundational shareholders hold significant stakes in the company and Augusta Capital as the Manager of assets will often take a stake in the offerings it brings to market.

Augusta Capital has evolved from its origins as a single asset property syndicator – today Augusta is one of New Zealand’s largest and leading property funds management specialists. Augusta no longer just buy assets, they now help fund and/or develop them – targeting opportunities with robust, long-term investment fundamentals spanning multiple sectors of the economy.

Augusta's growth strategy is underpinned by an active management approach – where the scale and diversity of the offerings continues to expand as it grows its funds under management.


Augusta is New Zealand’s most diverse manager of unlisted single and multiple asset funds on behalf of retail and wholesale investors. We proactively manage office, industrial and retail property on behalf of more than 3,500 investors. Importantly for unlisted investors, Augusta has developed a successful secondary market platform which provides liquidity and enables investors to monitor, acquire additional or divest of their holdings. This is an important and distinguishing feature of the Augusta offering.

Secondary Market Sales Platform

Approximately 80% of the units for sale on our secondary platform are sold and settled within the month they are listed, with the majority of the remaining units sold and settled within 45 days (note a purchaser may be found sooner, however we only change ownership of units on the last day of each month).



Our Background / History

Founded in 2001, by Managing Director and largest shareholder Mark Francis, NZX listed Augusta is a leading diversified fund manager with add value and asset management capabilities across New Zealand and Australia. Augusta owns and manages 74 properties across the office, retail and industrial sectors, with over $1.8 billion of assets under management.

With over 3,500 investors, Augusta are the largest property funds management company in New Zealand and hold a forefront position in our “core” single asset fund market. We are widely recognised for our funds management experience and continued ability to extract value across our portfolio through active management.

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Our Strategy

Our strategy is to consolidate as New Zealand’s premier property fund manager.

As competition for high quality, investment grade assets increases in the market Augusta’s business model is evolving and diversifying with a continued strategic focus on funds management and the growth of our business. We are no longer just a buyer of investment assets but now also a creator of them. We now can and will get involved in the funding and/or development of investment grade assets across all property sectors to create high quality investment property that we can make available to our investors.

While the future is focused on the acquisition and creation of variety of single and multi-asset funds our key goal remains - investing in high quality assets to provide favourable and stable returns to investors.

Our Philosophy

Augusta has an investment philosophy of maintaining sustainable returns while seeking to protect and grow investor equity. Careful property selection, extensive due diligence and ongoing active asset management are central to this approach.

Active management of the investment includes closely monitoring and growing a strong relationship with the tenant(s), ensuring maintenance and property compliance are fully attended to, while managing the banking relationships closely in order to obtain the best loan structure and interest rates on an ongoing basis.

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Our Standards

Industry compliance standards have evolved significantly in recent years. Augusta has worked diligently not just to meet the new requirements, but to be the first in our market to do so.

This has required a substantial investment of time and resource, but has also represented a fundamental pillar to becoming New Zealand’s preeminent property funds management specialist.

We were first in the property industry to market with our Financial Market Conducts Act (FMCA) Licence and are regarded as a leader in Health and Safety monitoring, anti-money laundering compliance and the production of high quality product disclosure statements.

All Augusta’s latest retail syndicates have an independent supervisor to represent investors, and ensures compliance with the Offer documents at all times. Currently, the Supervisor is Covenant Trustee Services.

Our Investment Offers

Augusta carries out commercial property syndicates in accordance with the FMCA. These syndicates provide investors the opportunity to access premium, high yielding commercial and industrial property offerings in a relatively easy and straightforward way - with the property being fully managed by the experienced Augusta Asset Teams.

In addition, Augusta has formed property funds with its first offering, Augusta Value Add Fund No. 1, established in early 2016. Since then Augusta has established the 'Industrial Fund' in 2018, with plans to establish both a 'Retail' and 'Tourism' fund towards the end of 2019. A fund is a group of commercial assets in which investors can buy shares. 


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Our Secondary Sales Market

Augusta offers a Secondary Sales market, whereby if investors wish to sell their interests, the sale is facilitated by Augusta first notifying the syndicate of the available interests and, if necessary, the full database of investors. Augusta will provide background information to the investor wishing to sell, in order for them to price their interest. For more information about this, please contact Kerri Ewart, Secondary Sales Manager - kerri@augusta.co.nz